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Deep Nutrition Is Key To Weight Loss Success

Junky foods stand between you and the body and health you deserve!

You know what kind of junky stuff I’m talking about:  those highly processed edible food-like products manufactured by the big food industrial complex.

They have the audacity to market these edible products as food.

We find these products all dressed up in colorful packaging complete with enticing marketing slogans.  We can see them stacked on shelves row upon row in the central isles of our food stores, including even my beloved Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

They are often positioned as fat free, gluten free, sugar free healthy alternatives to other packaged foods, but they are not one iota better for us.

Because these products are labeled as food by the FDA, they deceive us into thinking we’re eating nourishing food when, in actuality, we’re consuming a lot of empty calories incapable of delivering nutrition to our cells.  Our cells don’t recognize these products as a source of nourishment because there is no metabolic signaling coming through that supports proper metabolic function.

Over time, these products damage our bodies because they do not deliver any nutrients for our mitochondria to use in energy production.

Instead, we end up with metabolic syndrome which increases a person’s risk for heart attack and stroke.

Metabolic syndrome includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal triglyceride levels.

Food is information that directs our cellular growth.

Family history does not determine our destiny.  What we eat and how we live can alter our DNA in ways that affect our health and the health of our future generations.

The goal of Deep Nutrition is to remove  non-food edible products and toxins from your diet while adding back nutrient dense foods that can strengthen your body’s vitality from the inside out.

Meet Dr. Cate Shanahan.

She is a leading authority on nutrition and human metabolism. Her passion is helping people feel their best.

A board-certified Family Physician with over 20 years of clinical experience, she is also the NY Times bestselling author of The FatBurn Fix, Deep Nutrition and Food Rules.

Her expertise lies in fixing the underlying problems that cause metabolic damage and inflammation.  Untreated, these conditions can leading to autoimmune diseases, weight gain, diabetes, cancer and accelerate aging processes.

Most health conditions arise from a chronic state of metabolic imbalance.

Here’s what Dr.Shanahan wants us to understand:

I learned almost nothing about metabolism in medical school. Over 20 plus years of practice and extensive study, I’ve grown increasingly convinced that most chronic metabolic conditions are the consequences of the wholesale abandonment of our genetically programmed nutritional needs.

Today, two thirds of our calories come from either toxic seed oils or blood sugar elevating carbohydrates and sweets. These are the main ingredients in junk food.

But many products containing these same unhealthy ingredients are disguised as health foods. This “secret” junk food is sold in places like Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s and Thrive Market.

Dr. Shanahan advises we follow these ten steps to shift our daily food choices into those that support deep nutrition.

1.  Avoid the Hateful 8 toxic fats.

Most metabolic disease comes from a lifetime of eating high-PUFA seed oils. Over years, these unstable fats impact all 4 metabolic energy-producing systems, damaging your body fat while building up in your body fat to make it inflammatory. Toxic fats promote gut inflammation and cause fat to build up around your intestines. To avoid the Hateful 8, you must read the ingredients for all foods you buy (salad dressing, cereal, crackers, food bars, sauces, spreads) and avoid all of these oils:

  1. Canola
  2. Corn
  3. Cottonseed
  4. Soy
  5. Sunflower
  6. Safflower
  7. Rice Bran (restaurants use this)
  8. Grapeseed (restaurants use this, too)

2.  Control carbs, and strictly limit or avoid refined flours and sugars.

Atkins was right: Not all calories are equal. ..Your best bet it to learn low carb and make it a new way of life.

3.  Do not buy low fat, low cholesterol, or fat free food alternatives.

Avoid consuming products such as egg-beaters, low-cholesterol spreads, skim milk, and low-fat ice creams. Inadequate fat consumption over decades can train your body to rely on sugar for energy and impair your ability to burn fat.

4.  Eat butter, eggs, cheese, and whole-milk.

Studies show eating these foods improves HDL (good) cholesterol, bone health, brain health, and energy levels. Make sure these products come from pastured (grass-fed) animals. If that’s not possible, chose organic. If that’s not possible, do your best when you can.

5.  Eat vegetables with fat, salt, and an acid.

This combination optimizes your body’s ability to absorb the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in greens.

6.  Eat more vegetables that fruits.

Fruits are better for you than candy for a treat, but they are a treat and you should eat 2- 3 servings of vegetables before you treat yourself to more fruit.

7.  Buy bone broth (or learn to make it).

In order to exercise, you need to keep your joints in good shape. The number one miracle food for your joints and connective tissue (including bone) is bone broth because it contains compounds that act like growth hormones in these tissues. NOTE: The magic in bone broth comes not from bone marrow, but rather from the collagenous joint materials and skin. Whenever possible, use pastured and organic ingredients.

8.  Eat probiotic-rich foods.

If your digestive system is crampy, gassy, bloaty, or otherwise making you not want to eat, when you do feel better you’ll be very tempted to treat yourself to something overly starchy or sweet. To keep your digestive system working smoothly, include probiotic-rich foods in your diet on a regular basis. The most popular probiotic-rich food in the US is yoghurt, and real pickles and sauerkraut are also great sources of digestive-boosting organisms.

9. Exercise!

Cross train by doing as many different types of activities as you can: Walk, Dance, Ski, Bike, Shovel your neighbor’s walk. The best exercise is the exercise that you do. No program will succeed for long if its not fun. (This applies to eating, too!)

10. Sleep.

Sleep allows your diet and exercise programs to transform your body composition. Your body will be exposed to excessive cortisol and pro-inflammatory hormones if you do not get enough sleep, and most people will do better with 8 hours than with the more-common 6-7 we sometimes have to deal with.

Make it easier to incorporate these shifts into your life with coaching support.

I designed the It’s Never Too Late Weight Loss Coaching program to help you ease into any and all shifts you want to make to find peace and freedom around food, your body and your weight.

You can make deliberate food choices to favor those that provide deep nutrition.  And you can strengthen those daily habits of thought and action which support your body’s ancestrally programmed need for deep nutrition.

When you’ve got a plan designed to address these shifts, weight loss and maintenance become so much less intimidating.

Take me up on my offer for a FREE Strategy Call so we discuss how you can start incorporating these shifts into your life.

Schedule that FREE Strategy Call right here.  

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.

It’s Never too Late to make your weight loss journey easier. A year from now, you will thank yourself.

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As a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, I’m excited to teach you the same skills and tools I used to lose 25 pounds and keep them off with ease. I made this my reality 15 years after menopause, while managing thyroid disease for over 25 years and with a level of self-confidence and motivation I never dreamed possible. No white knuckling or willpower required.





As a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, I’m excited to teach you the same skills and tools I used to lose 25 pounds and keep them off with ease. I made this my reality 15 years after menopause, while managing thyroid disease for over 25 years and with a level of self-confidence and motivation I never dreamed possible. No white knuckling or willpower required.

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