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Attitude of Gratitude:  The 30 Day Practice Challenge

The importance of succeeding in this challenge is to keep it simple, easy and consistent.

Did you know it can boost your happiness just by rereading your thoughts?

Ask a friend to partner with you in this challenge.

Read your lists to each other each week.

My hope is that you will feel the benefits of this practice and continue onward.

Remember, research shows that by making the attitude of gratitude a regular practice, the easier it becomes.

1.  Jot down several words or one sentence that capture something, no matter how big or small, that inspires gratitude or appreciation in you.

  • Keep a journal
  • Use your cell phone or iPad
  • Carry a small notebook for moments of gratitude

2.  Use the threshold of any room or space to pause to activate a gratitude moment.  Be consistent.

  • It could be as simple as when you reenter your home after having been out.
  • It could be once you are seated in your car.

3.  Identify an activity in the day to reflect on something that stirs your heart.  Be consistent.

  1. It could be as you turn on the faucet to prepare for your bath or shower.
  2. It could be that moment right before you turn out that last light at night.
  3. It could be when brushing your teeth or putting your electronic devices asleep for the night.
  4. How about when turning down your bed, just before sliding in between the cool sheets?

4.  Say grace or some other words of gratitude at meal time.  Hold hands.

There are many moments throughout the day where a brief pause can re-center you and give you the opportunity to think a heart-warming thought.

Gratitude, it’s free.  Easy to use.  Just waiting for us to plug in.

Hey, just ask yourself right now what you appreciate at this very moment.

  • Select anything that you appreciate, no matter how seemingly inconsequential.  Got it?
  • Say it out loud.
  • Smile.
  • Recognize that you just boosted your well-being and improved your brain chemistry just by merely asking the question.

Here’s a  New York Times op-ed run quite a few years ago at Thanksgiving that lists several scientific studies that further elaborate on the power of gratitude and smiling together.  They create magic!

What are three things you feel grateful for today?

Share them right here in the comments.

Learn more about the magic of your Brain on Gratitude right here.

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