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Calm Escalating Anxiety With “Worse Case Scenario” Thinking

Anxiety is a very sneaky customer.  It can creep up on us by starting as a vague sense of  uneasiness.  It can escalate into a jittery restlessness accompanied by a non-stop stream of thoughts that reinforce and amplify the discomfort.

Anxiety can drop us deep into the well of worry and fear.  Sometimes we know exactly what’s troubling us, at other’s we’re haunted by a vague sense of doom that seems to have no specific focus.

Before long, we’re suffering with an ever widening array of disturbing thoughts and feelings.

Let’s rein them in.

The great Roman Stoic philosopher and writer, Seneca the Younger, captured it like this:  “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”

Oh, so it’s the awesome power of our thoughts creating our suffering.  It’s our thoughts that add insult to injury by dragging us further down the slippery slopes of worry and fear.

Sound familiar, my friends?

Let’s use this to our advantage.

Seneca recommended a practice called premeditatio malorum,” which means the pre-meditation of evils.

Sounds scary, but stay with me.

Here’s Tim Ferris in his own words explaining his  “fear setting” practice.

It’s worth a listen to open your mind to an alternative way of  looking at how to manage your anxieties and fears.


Even if you have lots of fears and worries about losing weight, don’t let them cripple you with anxiety.

Don’t let them stop you from starting.  Start and we’ll deal with all of them as they try to sneak in and sabotage your plan.

I’m here to teach you practices and solutions to manage your anxieties on your terms.

Let’s investigate what’s going on for you.  Schedule your free Strategy Call with me by clicking right here.

Whatever your anxieties are about weight loss they are manageable.  You can emerge a winner.

The days shall pass whether you let me help you or not.  So, let me help!

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