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Make Weight Loss Easier By Improving Your Happiness Set Point

A positive sense of well-being is a key factor in making weight loss easier.  No matter the challenges and changes that lie ahead.

That’s simply because research indicates that when we’re happier, we tend to make healthier decisions in many aspects of our lives.  This includes those decisions that lead to weight loss and improved mood —such as eating better, enjoying physical activity, and getting enough sleep.

When we feel better, it’s much easier to take better care of ourselves.

Happiness is not just a state of mind.

A growing body of research also suggests that happiness can improve your overall physical health.

It benefits cardiovascular health, the immune system, inflammation levels, and blood pressure.

It’s been linked to a longer lifespan as well.

What is a happiness set point?

The concept of a happiness set point is a psychological term that describes our general day-to-day level of happiness.

Our set point for happiness is based on both our genetics and conditioning.

We each have a different set point.  Those of us with a higher set point are predominately happy, even when challenges beset us.  For those of us with a lower set point, happiness is more elusive and harder to experience and sustain.

People often believe that lasting happiness is achieved once they reach a certain milestone, such as finding the perfect partner, achieving a certain income level or losing a certain amount of weight.

But research tells a different story.

Humans are excellent at adapting to new circumstances, both good and bad.

This means that people will habituate fairly quickly to their new relationship, wealth or weight loss.

After the initial flush of joy and delight fade, we return to our baseline level of happiness.

And then the cycle begins again.  We seek out the next milestone or challenge to conquer.  We savor the joy and excitement of achievement.  And then, as our happiness level subsides, we return to our happiness set point.

Fortunately, the same principle applies to setbacks too.

The theory of Hedonic Adaptation asserts that no matter what positive or negative experiences or changes in life, we quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness.  Or, as the case may be, unhappiness.

Research shows that people who win the lottery are no happier than people who have adjusted to spinal cord injuries once their initial euphoria fades.

It seems like the achievement of any desired goal doesn’t automatically elevate your happiness set point for good.  So what does?

You can shift your happiness set point.

I’m a fan of the growth mindset theories expressed by Carol Dweck.

Supported by her research, she contends that intelligence or “personality” is something you can develop.   It’s not, in fact, a fixed, deep-seated constellation of talents and traits.

Improvement, therefore, is always possible.

Since “personality” refers to a person’s distinctive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, that’s the best news ever!  It means that it’s ALL ripe for change.

You can alter your happiness set point by choosing to think differently, deliberately, which will effect how you feel, what you do and your results in life.

As you make positive shifts in your “personality,” you make shifts in your happiness set point too.

Improve your happiness set-point by choosing what you want think.

At it’s core, I contend that every thought we think is up for review, refinement and change.  24/7/365.

I subscribe to the observe, learn and improve approach to living.

It’s entirely possible, and within your control, to think new thoughts which create different feelings. Once you understand this awesome capability, you may begin to see how the 20th century concept of “personality” is based on a fixed mindset.

Yes, you may consistently exhibit certain personality traits and think, “Well, that’s who I am.  That’s me.” But it’s only because of your habits of thought and action that have been ingrained from many years of belief or practice.

But, they’re not etched in stone.

You are not stuck with them forever.  It’s always possible to create and learn new habits of thought and action that become your next level outward display of “personality.”

You create your “personality” with your thoughts.

You are capable of creating shifts, both big and small, by developing a conscious awareness of your thoughts.

Once you become aware of your thoughts, you get to decide if you want to keep them or override and diminish their impact with new ones.

You can replace old thoughts that hinder you with new thoughts that better support you.  And, you can build a new version/vision of yourself based on the thoughts you decide you want to think on purpose.

By creating awareness and intention with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, we can increase our happiness set-point.

And there’s still more we can do to recalibrate our happiness set point to a higher level for long term.

The simplest ways to improve your happiness set-point to make weight loss easier.

  1.  Become aware of your thoughts and intentionally choose exactly what you want to think and feel
  2. Unleash a rampage of gratitude and appreciation
  3. Cultivate awe
  4. Express love
  5. Help others

It’s entirely possible that increased happiness is all the motivation and encouragement you need to approach weight loss, and for that matter, EVERYTHING, with greater ease, confidence and commitment.

Let me help you unpack each of these approaches to raising your happiness set-point.

Ready to raise your happiness set point?

My It’s Never Too Late Weight Loss Coaching program is structured to help you cultivate this HUGE weight loss advantage.

Isn’t it time that you made use of the free Strategy Call I offer to find out more?  Get started today learning how to increase your happiness set point to make weight loss easier than you ever imagined.

Let me know you’re ready to get started right here.  

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.

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