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Use a List Format to Easily Capture Your Thoughts and Experiences of COVID-19

We are in the midst of mind-bending historic times.

Pundits will analyze the world-wide response to the pandemic with praise and with vitriol.

They will highlight the atrocities and the victories.  The bravery, courage and dedication of the many.  The foolish, ignorant, arrogant rantings of others.

They will write many columns, blogs, and books about this era.

And lucky(?) us, we are living it in real time.

We’ve got stories to tell!  And tell them we must.

We are immersed in the raw history of this pandemic era that will be recounted for generations.

Your children and grandchildren will be amazed that they possess your real life recounting of “those days.”

Future historians are depending on us to explain and interpret our experiences during these unprecedented times.

Each of us, from our own unique point of view.

They will depend on first hand accounts to report accurately on this monumental historical event.

The list format makes it easier to collect memories and describe vignettes.

Writing in a list format gives you the freedom to catalogue moments and experiences without much effort.  they don’t have to be in chronological order or connected in some obvious way.

The whole point is to capture the essence.  You can always go back and elaborate  or organize if you choose, but that’s not necessary.

Think about jotting down how you’re experiencing the pandemic.  Professionally.  Personally.  Socially.

Think of this list as a Thought Download.

You can choose to write daily, weekly, monthly, whenever an incident occurs that you want to remember.

Write in a stream of consciousness style on each prompt.

No need to order your thoughts in what seem like a more logical way.  You’re not trying to create a literary masterpiece, just a collection of your top of mind thoughts, feelings and whatever you’re doing.

In the future, if you want to make it more streamlined and “coherent”, have at it!

Let these prompts guide you:

  • What are your observations and thoughts about the pandemic?  Your most recurring concerns and fears?
  • How are you coping with social distancing, isolation, quarantine?
  • What’s happened to your profession, your job, your employment status?
  • What’s it like working from home or actually working on the frontline?
  • With whom are you sheltering in place?
  • How are you relating to each other at home 24/7?
  • What are you thinking about how your mayor, governor, the president, Drs. Fauci and Birx are handling this crisis?
  • What are your thoughts about the first responders and those on the front-lines?
  • What’s your go-to method for connecting with your family and friends?
  • Are you still celebrating special occasions?
  • How are you shopping for necessities?
  • How are you anticipating your response to the easing of restrictions in your community?
  • What has been your reaction to the volatility in the stock market and and government relief assistance?
  • What will give you the most confidence in your personal choices, going forward?
  • Consider which things you most miss doing and what are you most looking forward to doing when we venture out into the wider world again.
  • How are you thinking about the upcoming 2020 presidential election and the Trump Biden standoff?
  • What has touched your heart and soul most deeply?
  • What has frustrated or angered you most?
  • Are there losses you are grieving?
  • How do you anticipate that the world may permanently change as result of this pandemic?
  • Can you imagine a silver lining?
  • Share your hopes and dreams for the future, both near and far.

Answer those that intrigue you and add any other thoughts that occur as we continue to wend our way through this experience.

This is YOUR historical record.

Make it personal.  True to you.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

When we have effective therapeutics and a reliable vaccine, we will all breath a lot easier.  Literally.

And then, we will want to look back at these days and remind ourselves of our resilience and strength.  And never forget the tender moments and the crushing moments that defined our experience.

When you think thoughts that make you feel lost and alone, coaching can help you better manage the pain.

I’m a certified life and weight loss coach, trained to help my clients manage their thoughts and feelings in a way that maximizes their control of their lives.

Now, more than ever when the world seems to be spinning out of control, controlling what we can gives us the ability to direct our lives as we choose, no matter the circumstances.

Let me know you’ve decided to examine an issue that’s been troubling you.

You can let me know you’re ready for your free Strategy Call right here.

Let’s talk, my friend.

P.S. Today would have been my 43rd wedding anniversary with my first husband.  I used to think my first marriage was a total failure.  That I wasted decades of my life suffering in an unhappy relationship.

But I did a lot of work with my coach to manage my mind around my first marriage.  And now, I’ve shifted to a place of peace.  I am able to chose thoughts that serve me, rather than break me.

I’ve done the work.  I’ve practiced those new thoughts time and time again.  No more heart pounding with regret and resentment.  No more intrusive negative thoughts about him undermining my present day thinking.

Here’s the simple thought I think now that brings that me peace:  My first marriage is completed. 

I didn’t “quit” it, I “completed” it.  Such a subtle but powerful shift in my perspective made all the difference in the world to my equilibrium today.




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