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Work With Me To Make Weight Loss So Much Easier

October 1st is Saturday.  October 31st marks the beginning of splurge season.

From Halloween through New Year’s day, tempting, delicious foods and treats are ubiquitous.

EVERYWHERE we turn our senses are hyper-aroused!

That’s why NOW is the ideal time to dial in your eating strategies.  Then you’ll be ready to meet the season of over abundance, over indulgence and over eating with confidence and a reliable, finely-tuned food plan.

And  you can rest assured that your customized plan will include your favorite exceptions.  They will be planned at least 24 hours in advance and you will be able to eat them with pleasure, without a side helping of shame.

Bill Gates opined in one of his TED talks, “Everyone needs a coach”.

If you think that coaching is only for those people who have ‘something wrong with them’ or are weak, or are, in some way, inadequate, think again.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some of the most successful people on the planet use coaches besides Bill Gates. For a variety of reasons.  Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Barack Obama.

But when it comes to weight loss, it’s quite common for women to think that the problem is not that they don’t know what to do.  In fact, they’ve been dieting on and off for years, losing the same weight, and then some, over and over again.  But diets are doomed to failure and weight regain because they’re unsustainable.

They know what to do, but they just can’t make themselves do it forever.

But what if they’re wrong about sustainable weight loss.  Wrong about weight loss coaching.  What if there is another way they haven’t even learned about yet?

Wouldn’t you want to know?

Losing weight is relatively “easy” in the beginning when you’re motivated to succeed.

But after a few weeks of ditching alcohol and sweets or following your given regimen, you begin to veer off track little by little. A little taste of something not on your food plan, then dinner and cocktails at your favorite restaurant starts to sound perfect.

Before you know it, the weight loss plan you were so excited to begin becomes an annoying impediment, getting in the way of doing what you’ve always done. Then you skip planning in advance what you’re going to eat for a couple of days.  Maybe you decide that a glass of wine or cocktail isn’t going to kill you. You promise yourself to get back on track the next day, or maybe the next.  But you don’t.

Next thing you know, you’re avoiding the scale.  You don’t want the tangible evidence mocking you.

This is the tendency that heralds the beginning of another round of yo-yo dieting.

“Life” is what happens when you’re making other plans.

Sometimes, life serves up situations we can’t easily handle. Hello pandemic!  Too often we use these experiences to make excuses to deviate from our goals, or as excuses for our failures.

The important thing is whether you allow them to interfere with developing new, helpful habits or allow them  to keep you stuck in old patterns that undermine your intentions.  It helps to have an outside perspective, so you can remain focused and motivated no matter what life dishes up.

Your unexamined array of unmanaged thoughts and emotions make things harder than they need to be.  All too frequently we are too close to our challenges to figure out how to manage them.

I can teach you tools and strategies to help you look at your situation from the outside and groove new habits that help you stay on track with less anxiety and drama.

I can help you evaluate your goal weight objectively.

Often my clients begin with goal weight in mind. Nothing’s intrinsically wrong with that approach.  But, relying on the weight registered on the scale alone can work against you.

An over-reliance on scale weight alone can prevent you from seeing your real progress.

When the scale isn’t moving quickly enough, it’s easy to criticize yourself and allow negative feelings to prevent you from persevering.  This scenarios is precisely where your weight loss coach can help you regain your equilibrium.

There are many valid and valuable non-scale victories that you should be tracking too.  Let’s identify them and add those to the list of measurements of our weight loss success.

You’ll do best on a personalized food plan created just for you, based on your likes and dislikes.

Your customized food plan we create together meets you where you are today.  Unrealistic, pie in the sky, wishful thinking not on the radar.

There’s nothing worse than being on a “diet” that deprives you of your favorite foods. Or not getting results, or disliking the foods.  Or dreading a future devoid of all pleasures.

As your coach, I will help get you started on the right track and eliminate wasted time, effort, and money.

Here are some signs you could benefit from working with me.

If you can relate to any of the following, then working with me could just change your life.  If you:

  1. Think you know what to do to lose weight, but you’re not doing it because it hasn’t worked long term
  2. Worry about what other people think about you
  3. Are scared of trying new things in case you fail
  4. Are afraid of change and will do anything to avoid it
  5. Frequently judge or criticize your appearance
  6.  Have health challenges or you are dissatisfied with the quality of your life
  7. Hide behind what you think know
  8. Find it hard to admit you don’t know something
  9. See that your business life is taking a toll on your physical and mental health
  10. Have trouble prioritizing yourself
  11. Start and stop things and never finish anything
  12. Use alcohol, food or material things to fill the void in your life or numb your feelings
  13. Pretend to be someone you’re not
  14. Blame others for your situation

As your weight loss coach, I’m here for all the ups and downs.

In order to support you on  your weight loss journey, I will:

  1. Create a safe environment in which you can see yourself more clearly
  2. Identify gaps between where you are today and where you need or want to be
  3. Identify habits or mindsets that are holding you back from achieving their goals
  4. Ask you for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than you would ask of yourself
  5. Keep communication open and honest between us
  6. Provide accountability, structure and support in order to help you stay committed to your goals and on track towards achieving them.

I’m a coach, not a magician.

Here’s what I can’t do:

  1. Enable behaviors that are sabotaging your success or tell you only what you want to hear
  2. Set your goals for you or control your choices
  3. Commit to the work required of you to achieve your weight loss goals
  4. Be responsible for your outcomes or success

Why some people avoid weight loss coaching.

Here are some common thoughts that hold woman back from weight loss coaching:

  1. “I’m too old.”
  2. “My situation is complex, messy, too challenging.”
  3. “My metabolism is broken from decades of yo-yo dieting.
  4. “You haven’t been through what I have been through.”
  5. “You don’t know my body like I do.”
  6. “I’ve got health issues, so you can’t relate to me.”
  7. “I already know what to do, so how will you actually help?”

In all honesty, the above thoughts are just excuses disguised as facts.  Coaching can unwind any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back or undermining your weight loss efforts.

People avoid weight loss coaching because they’re afraid.

They’re afraid of being vulnerable.

Scared of change.  Scared of being seen as weak.

Afraid they’re inadequate.  Afraid of doing the work.

Scared of what others will think of them.  Afraid of being held accountable.

These fears basically boil down to two things, fear of failure and fear of judgement.

Fear of failure undermines commitment.

Setting out to achieve something new can be daunting. Especially if it’s something you’ve struggled with in the past and there’s no guarantee that you’ll achieve your goals.

So instead of focusing on what could go right, it’s often easier to focus on all the negatives and what could go wrong.  You worry about what happens if you put in all the work and still don’t’ succeed.  Again!   How will you cope if you fail?

You might worry about what this failure means about you.

So, instead, you hide inside the familiar habits and routines where, so you think, it’s safer.

Your fear of failure paralyzes you, preventing you from taking action.

You may  feel that if you’re going to fail, you don’t want anyone to see it.  So you continue to try to struggle with all the ups and downs of trying to lose weight on your own, somehow thinking you can hide and avoid accountability or embarrassment.

All these avoidance options add up to nothing more than failure ahead of time.  The ultimate failure.

Fear of judgement undermines commitment.

Fear of failure is also closely linked to fear of judgement.  Especially if you’ve tried to lose weight many times before and have yet to succeed.

You’re worried that you’ll be judged by family, friends and colleagues if you don’t succeed this time.

Since our most basic human need is to be loved and accepted, we’re hard-wired to want to belong to the “tribe”.  That’s why we try so hard to “fit in’”

Working with a coach requires you to be vulnerable and honest about your weaknesses or struggles.

If you’re a woman who is successful in socially and professionally, you may be afraid to admit that you can’t control binge eating or your alcohol consumption.  You doesn’t want to be judged as inadequate or not “having your act together”.

Coaching with me is a no-judgement zone.  In my world you’re either succeeding or learning.

You’ll need to put yourself first instead of worrying about what others think of you.

This change can cause you to worry about what other people will think of you.  Or how your life may change as a result of your choices.  Especially if you have a history of people pleasing.

If you change your eating and drinking habits, you might about whether their friends will still see them as “fun”.  Whether they’ll still invite you to go out with them, or whether they’ll be upset with you for changing the status quo.

However, if you continue to give into your fears of failure and fears of being judged, you’ll continue to do the things that appear to keep you safe but in reality are holding you back.

Trying to stay safe will keep you in a world of pain.  You’ll find it next to impossible to lose weight and enjoy the life you dream of having.

Your coach can see the blind spots that you can’t see.

Everyone has blind spots that can hinder their weight loss success.  You know, those areas of your life you can’t see because you’re too emotionally involved.

This explains why even the most successful people in the world hire coaches.  They know they have blind spots that are preventing them from their goals and dreams.

One of the core beliefs of people who work with a coach is that if there’s something they can change to enhance or improve results, they’re all in.  They’re not afraid of being judged or of failing.

As your weight loss coach, I can help you identify and manage your blind spots.

Because I’m emotionally removed from your situation, or may have been through something similar, or helped others who have been through the same thing, I can recognize the habits or mindsets that may be holding you back.

I also know what does and doesn’t work. This takes the guesswork out of trying to overcome your hurdles on your own.  This means faster results for you, minimizing the stress and drama.

What happens if you don’t have a coach?

You might be thinking that you don’t need a coach because what you’re doing is good enough.

But good is not good enough if it can get better. The truth is, if you’re not progressing, you’re actually slipping backwards.

If you don’t have a coach, you probably won’t be examining and changing any of the fundamental factors that have contributed to you being overweight in the first place.

Instead, you’ll continue to make excuses as to why you can’t lose weight.

You’ll attract people into your life who enable your excuses and complacency. It’s too easy to fall back into old habits with no one there to show you the blind spots that are sabotaging you.

And if you try to lose weight on your own, you’ll most likely end up focusing on the wrong thing — like calories.  This means it will take longer and cost you more in time and energy to get to your goal.  If you’re able to get there at all.

Wondering if it’s worth the investment to work with a weight loss coach?

Just ask yourself these questions:

  1. How long have you been trying to lose weight? 10, 20, 30 years? More?
  2. How many hours does that equate to? And how much money would that be, if you put a dollar value on each of those hours?
  3. How much have you already spent on diets?
  4. How many more years do you want to spend trying to lose weight? Another 10, 15 or 20?
  5. Is the continued stress of worrying about your health and well-being worth it?
  6. What is the price of not achieving your goals or staying on a diet longer than you need to be?

Do you want to waste another minute feeling unhappy or frustrated with yourself?   Ashamed of your appearance?  Ready to give up because you’re “too ol” and it’s too hard?

It’s never too late and I can help you.

Wouldn’t you like to be free of your weight problems once and for all?

Imagine how different your life would be if you never had to worry about what you looked like.  Or what you were going to wear.  Or whether you had the physical stamina or energy to accomplish any task.

Imagine feeling confident attending social events or having your photo taken without hiding in the background.

Well, you can!

Please take me up on my offer for your FREE Strategy Call so you can get started making positive changes today.

Making a few strategic shifts right now can be the first falling domino you need to make many more lasting changes your reality.

Hey, my friend, it’s totally possible to make 2022 your year to create the healthiest you.  No matter your age, stage or past disappointments.

Jump start your fresh start.  A year from now you will thank yourself because you reached out to me today.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.

It’s Never Too Late to make your weight loss journey easier.  Let’s get going!

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