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Your Weight Loss Identity Is A Crucial Component of Weight Loss Success

Did you know that you are always teaching your brain exactly what to believe by the constant repetition of your daily thoughts and actions?

That you are hard-wiring thought and behavior habits that have led you to the weight you are today?

Rejoice!  That this is, actually, the best news ever!


Because it is 100% within your ability to think new and different thoughts that lead to new and different behaviors that lead to new and different results.

Just. Because. You. Decide. To.

No matter how long or deeply ingrained your old thoughts and behaviors have become, YOU have the power to change them.

Your brain is designed to believe whatever you tell it most frequently.

Whatever beliefs you repeatedly tell your brain are true trains it to seek and recognize evidence that supports those beliefs.

It’s impossible to over-ride years of all the negative self-talk your inner critic has trained you to believe with a new thought or thoughts that seem ridiculous or unbelievable.  That’s why practicing all the feel-good mantras in world aren’t the magic solution to weight loss or self esteem issues.

It’s basically impossible to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful when you’ve been telling  yourself for years, decades even, your body is a wreck, too fat and cellulite ridden, unacceptable, a sexual turnoff or worse.

Mantras in direct opposition to your negative thoughts don’t compute.  Your brain rejects them without even a second thought.  Although you might believe your eyes or hair are genuinely attractive, you’ve been telling yourself for far too long that YOU in your entirety are not.

Training  your brain to accept a new thought as true is often a gradual process.

It’s not uncommon to have to work your way across a bridge of acceptable thoughts to reach the other side where acceptance and appreciation for the body you have today awaits you.

Each new thought you create is another small but acceptable step in the direction of your aspirational thoughts.

Training your brain to  believe new thoughts that create a positive weight loss identity is often the piece missing from your weight loss journey.

Let’s begin to remedy that right now!

The first step is to review my previous blog post that explains why it’s important to appreciate the body you’re in today as a prelude to sustainable weight loss.  Why you can’t hate yourself thin.  That never works.

What is your weight loss identity today?

When you are trying to lose weight, your thoughts about about your body, your weight and your relationship with food create your weight loss identity.

Tune in to your inner voice to discover clues to your current weight loss identity.  How does that voice sound and what does it say?  Write down the sentences in your mind that you’re hearing.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this exercise.

What do they tell you about yourself?

Are you a strict task master?  A lenient enabler?  A compassionate observer?  An analytical problem solver? An indecisive waffler? A believer?  A doubter?  Critical?  Kind?  Angry?  Resentful?  Frustrated?  Accepting?  Confident?  Worried?  Nervous?  Motivated?

The tone and content of your inner voice day after day shapes your weight loss identity.

Once you increase your awareness of your inner voice messaging, you can decide if those thoughts are creating the weight loss identity that will best serve you.

That’s when you can untangle which thoughts are holding you hostage to troublesome thoughts and habits.  That’s when you can begin to remodel them.

Remodel your weight loss identity for success.

Remodeling your weight loss identity takes awareness, intentionality and a willingness to experiment.

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Increase awareness of the old habits of thought and action that are holding you hostage and undermining your efforts.
  2. Decide that you are willing to change them even if it takes time.
  3. Prioritize which ones to tackle first.
  4. Identify what thoughts and actions will support a weight loss identity that motivates you to keep going.
  5. Experiment with new thoughts that feel more believable.  You’ll know you’ve hit upon one when you feel a shift, a lift or a bit more relaxed or hopeful when you think it.
  6. PRACTICE.  It’s the frequent repetition that eventually over-writes years of negative conditioning. Practice again and again, daily.

Your weight loss identity, for better or for worse,  influences how easy or hard the weight loss process will be for you.

Let’s fine-tune your weight loss identity to make weight loss success inevitable.

I’m here to help you identify and groove new habits of thought and action to make the whole process easier and sustainable.

Let’s better understand what your inner voice has been training you to believe all these years.

Let’s talk about your weight loss stumbling blocks and goals.

You can set up your confidential FREE strategy call right here.

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