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To heal your relationship with food and your body while you lose weight.

If you think you’re too old, or your metabolism is too wrecked from too many years of yo-yo dieting, or you love food too much or you’re too sick and tired of trying, that was me up until a few years ago.

I thought those EXACT. SAME. THINGS.

But, I was wrong.

Hello, I’m Joanna Goodwin…

Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. Former personal chef. Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Life-long learner. Science geek. Possibilitarian.

My relationship with food, my body and my weight was rocky for decades.

Food cravings haunted me.

Willpower failed me.

My inner critic chattered in the background incessantly.

Diet mentality dominated my adult life. I was always watching, judging and justifying what I ate.

I’ve counted calories, points and macros. I’ve tried the Mediterranean, Atkins, paleo, keto , Whole 30, low fat, low carb diets. I was a Weight Watcher’s Lifetime Member.

I tried ditching diets altogether and eating intuitively. That was a disaster!

No surprise, nothing provided long term results.

In my mid-60’s, I hired a weight loss coach and blew my own mind.

Once I decided investing in my health and well-being was my top priority, I knew I couldn’t afford not to. So I hired a coach.

I learned how to harness the power of my brain with the facts of metabolic science to turbo-charge my weight loss .

In the beginning, I thought I only wanted to lose 10 stubborn pounds. But to my surprise, I easily blew past that goal and lost 25 pounds. 

I now weigh what I did before I had children.

Feeling freedom and peace around food is one of the lasting benefits I treasure most. I want you to know those feelings too.

I love working with Baby Boomer women to lose weight. Especially if there’s still some small ember of hope burning inside you.

You’re not really ready to abandon your dream to live a healthy life at a comfortable weight.

If I could reach my hand through this screen right now and take hold of yours, I would. I’d reassure you that you can do this.

I meet you wherever you are in your weight loss journey.

We move forward from there. Working together, we customize and personalize your weight loss program. It is always responsive to what you are learning about yourself each week.

I work with clients in private 50-60 minute coaching sessions. Your confidentiality is assured.

I teach you all the skills and tools I’ve learned to make weight loss a reality. No white-knuckling or willpower necessary.

Those old feelings of anxiety, frustration and disappointment will become distant memories.

Replaced, instead, by a sense of pride and confidence. The mirror will be a reminder of how far you’ve come, not how far you’ve yet to go.

Once you have completed my program, you will know exactly how to plan for and manage your relationship with food at home, at work, and during celebrations and social events. During those moments when:

A transformation like mine is yours for the taking.

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